When coming up with our name, we wanted it to really mean something.  So we figured - what better way than having our core values spell out our name!?  Each of the founding made a list of what they considered to be the most important values the brewery should have.  These were combined resulting in the acronym “BENCHMARK”.  The paragraphs below describe each letter and how they collectively define the core values of the company.


Both in our beers and in our lives.  Our core value of "Balance" ensures that each brew is a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness with just the right twist of unique - done so over a range of styles.  Our brewery will also have a culture that strives for the right balance of life and work, fun and serious, risk and safe.


Our core value of "Evolving" is synonymous with one part of our slogan, "Never Settle".  It represents our determination to continuously strive for improvement, to never stagnate, to always explore new recipes and to always try new things in order to adapt to what the market demands for.


Our core value of "Natural" relates to how we make our beer.  Ever since our first brew day, we have always let high quality ingredients define the flavor of our beer in an all-grain brewing system.  We do not feel that technology should be used as a crutch to hide imperfections in quality.  We also strive to operate in a way which limits our environmental impact. Lastly, our core value of natural relates to how we want to run our business. We believe in fostering a culture of transparency and we strongly believe in including and empowering Benchmark employees within the decision-making process.


Our core value of "Community" relates to several levels of our company, its culture and our business model.  Firstly, our business model of “custom brews for the community and by the community” truly represents the root of this core value.  Not only do we develop custom beers for events, but we also include the community in the development of each recipe. This goes beyond the typical “membership” or “loyalty clubs” of other microbreweries. If the feedback received makes it into the final recipe, then the “feedbackee” gets the credit.  Our website will also include pages for each beer and will detail who was involved in its creation.  Through this practice, Benchmark Brewers® will be completely established upon community owned beers with a strong sense of contribution, ownership and loyalty.

Furthermore, our core value of “Community” represents the community in which we are located and the brewing community to which we contribute.  Both are essential for our success.  We strive to be an important and recognized part of our community, and to give back in any way we can.  Lastly, we do not want to compete with other micro-breweries.  Benchmark Brewers® will create a community where we support each other's success in a world where we choose to be the “David against the Goliaths”.


Our core value of "Humility" reminds us that we certainly do not know more than our customers.  In our goals to keep the customers first, their importance to us will be something they feel with each visit.  Never, at any point, shall our customers feel like we know more than they do or that we are overstating ourselves.  They will always be valued for their feedback, opinions, and input into our recipes.  Customers will also be an essential part of our recipe development – a critical aspect of our community.


Our core value of "Mastery" relates to our goal to become masters in every aspect of our brewery - from the recipes we create to the business we run.  Although each of us will bring a unique strength to the team, our brewery’s culture will encourage everyone to master every aspect of our craft.


Our core value of "Artisanal" relates to a critical aspect of our culture at the brewery – one of practiced and encouraged creativity.  Through the beers we create, the art and labels that represent us, and our unique integration of community, we will ensure a lasting and encouraged creativity.  Any of our employees at any time will be encouraged to use our smaller test batch system to create new recipes and to further our depth of beer offerings.


Although each member of the team will bring certain strengths, our core value of "Rounded" ensures that each of us shall have a deep knowledge of every aspect of our brewery.  A well rounded team will lead to well rounded beers and a well rounded business.  By practicing this core value, any customer will be able to approach any one of our employees and have a very knowledgeable discussion.  Furthermore, whenever feedback is given, it will be received with full understanding of the nature of the feedback and how it may be applied to our recipes.  Having this knowledge will feed directly into the success of producing high quality craft beer that the market wants.

K - KANGAROO... obviously:

The “K” in Benchmark stands for Kangaroos because they are awesome, mighty beasts…. and because it helps us to remember that we don't take ourselves too seriously.  Running a business and a new brewery can be very stressful.  Having this reminder will help us work together through the hard times and celebrate all times.