Benchmark Brewers has a number of mature beer recipes and many more that are in development.  We want to get your feedback to making them better!  

Below are the beers that we are currently working on.

Also, we are working on what we call "Label Art".  Our Label Art is downloadable artwork made up for each beer.  You can use it as your wallpaper or get it printed as a poster.  Each piece Label Art captures the story behind each beer and contain a number of Easter Eggs!  Can you find them all?



Type: Amber Ale

Status: Mature

Our take on an Amber Ale that uses orange zest and cilantro to give it a very fresh finish.  It was first brewed on International Star Wars Day, and its name was inspired by the first Jurassic Park movie.


Type: India Pale Ale (IPA)

Status: Mature

This was the first recipe we ever brewed together.  At the time we loaded it up with hops and called it "Punch to the Mouth".  Since then we've dialed it back to make a much more well rounded beer.  It's all about the journey


Type: Pilsner

Status: Coming along but needs some work

This is going to be one of our lighter beers, perfect for summer.  It is called "Flagship" since it is intended to be our flagship beer and since we really wanted to draw a pirate ship!


Type: Brown Ale

Status: Coming along but needs some work

This beer is in tribute to our favourite TV show: "Firefly" (A highly recommended watch on Netflix).  Fans of the show are referred to as "Brown Coats" and we hope you'll be a fan of the beer!


Type: Honey Brown

Status: Early development

We call this beer "Honey Badger" since the first time we brewed it everything went wrong!  But it still turned out pretty decent. With a few tweaks we hope you will agree that this a a great version of the style.


Style: Stout

Status: Early development

We've brewed this one a few times, but it still needs some improvements to hit the appropriate Benchmark.  No name yet - we may need some recommendations!